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People will often make the mistake of putting off will writing for years or even decades at a time, which causes more problems than they realise. Not only does it mean they will not have an accurate record of their belongings and assets at the time of their passing, but these things will probably change over time. Your will must be written before you become incapacitated or lose mental capacity to sign it - this process should begin soon after you turn 18 years old. It's never too late to write a will, just be sure to get started as soon as possible.

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Writing a will can be one of the most important tasks you will ever face. A will not only ensures your wishes are carried out after your death, it also serves as proof of identification, particularly if there is any suspicion surrounding your demise.

Every will should contain at least 3 components: an executor (responsible for carrying out the will after you pass), a will-signing section and testamentary provisions (listing who will receive what). You will also need to appoint 2 witnesses to the signing of your will.

If you want your assets divided equally between multiple beneficiaries, it's important that you indicate this in your will because it won't happen automatically if you don't specify. It's recommended that you hire a lawyer or solicitor when writing your will; they can ensure everything is documented correctly and handled legally by local authorities.

The will should always be stored in a safe place, such as a bank safety deposit box, and updated regularly to reflect any changes in your life or willed assets.

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